sex: female
age: adult
length: 302 mm TL
date vessel station: 06.04.1964, R/V Alaska, Station No. 64A2-16
location: Eastern Pacific, Mexico, Gulf of California, midway between southern tip of Tiburon Island and Angel de la Guarda Island
latitude: 28°55'00.0"N
longitude: 112°50'30.0"W
FAO-area: 77
depth: 366-412 m
specimens: 1
remarks: Ref.: Data from: Rick Feeney, Collection Manager, Section of Ichthyology, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (24.05.2011): Published reports: Lavenberg & Fitch. 1966. Calif. Fish & Game, 52(2):92-110, Springer & Wagner. 1966. Contr. in Sci. (Los Angeles County Museum), No.110,pp.1-9; surface water temp: 58.6°F, wind 0-near gale, swell nil to very sloppy, 15 miles offshore