sex: female
age: juvenile
length: 177 mm TL
location: unkown, Donation by King Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden
specimens: 1
remarks: Ref.:; Object remarks: Syntypes of Squalus acanthias Linnaeus; labels: Ulriksdal (Squalus Acanthias), Dalman (Squalus Acanthias, foetus), late 19th century label (Squalus Acanthias). cf. Fernholm & Wheeler (1983). ID confirmed by Compagno 2009. Locality remarks: Specimen(s) with printed Ulriksdal-label from 1765 or before - 'Drottningholm-label', and not associated with known collector, geographic origin, etc.; cf. Fernholm & Wheeler (1983:203-204). Moved from Ulriksdal to Drottningholm in 1773 and to the Academy (KVA, later NRM) 16-20 Jun 1801. Collection examined by Linnaeus 4 times.