sex: male
age: juvenile
length: 495 mm TL, 271 mm DL, 258 mm DW
date vessel station: 03.08.2005, M. Sabaj, C. Perez, A. Bullard, C. DoNascimiento, O. Castillo, S. Snyder, bag seine
location: South America, Peru, Rio Nanay (Amazonas Dr.), large beach (left bank) at village of Pampa Chica, 4.54 km W of Iquitos; approx. 11 river km upstream from confluence with Rio Amazonas.
latitude: 3°45'9''S
longitude: 73°17'0''W
FAO-area: 03
remarks: Ref: Data from Mark Henry Sabaj Pérez, Collection Manager of Fishes, Academy of Natural Sciences (May 2011): tissue sample ?; Parasite tag (A. Bullard) PE05-3