sex: female
age: gravid
length: 437 mm TL fresh, 425 mm TL 70% ethanol preserved, with two female embryos, 137.3 and 145.3 mm TL 70% ethanol preserved
date vessel station: 30.10.1988, Isaacs-Kidd midwater trawl in 400–1100 m depth but with bottom contact in 380–400 m depth, RV ‘Vityaz’, cruise 17, station 2575, collected by M.F.W. Stehmann
location: Error Seamount (Mount Error Guyot), northwestern Indian Ocean
latitude: 10°17’8”N-10°22’8”N
longitude: 56°06’1”E-56°06’2”E
FAO-area: 51.3
depth: 380–400 m
specimens: 3