Cope, E.D. (1891)
On the characters of some Paleozoic fishes. I. On a new Elasmobranch from the Permian; Styptobasis knightiana gen. et spec. nov., fig. 1. II. On new ichthyodorulites; Hybodus regularis sp. nov., fig. 2; Ctenacanthus amblyxiphias sp. nov., fig. 3. III. On the cranial structure of Macropetalichthys. IV. On the pectoral limb of the genus Holonema, Newb. V. On the paired fins of Megalichthys nitidus Cope. VI. On the nonactinopterygian Teleostomi. VII. On new species of Platysomidae, Platysomus palmaris and P. lacovianus. Proceedings of the United States National Museum, 14, 447–463