LOWE, R.T. 1834
Characters of a new genus Leirus, and of several new species of fishes from Madeira. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 1833 (pt 1): 142-144 


Page 142


December 24, 1833.

William Yarrell, Esq., in the Chair.

Centrina nigra textExtracts were read from a letter, addressed to the Secretary by
the Rev, R. T. Lone, Corr. Memb. Z. S., and dated Madera, No-
vember 15, 1833. They related to a collection of Fishes made in
that island by the writer, and accompanied about thirty species
presented by him to the Society, in addition to those formerly trans-
mitted by him, and exhibited at the Meeting of the Committee of
Science and Correspondence on August 14, 1832. Those now
sent were severally exhibited. They include the followng species
regarded by Mr. Lowe as hitherto undescribed, and for which he
proposes the subjoined names and characters.


Page 144

CENTRINA NIGRA. Cent. corpore toto glabro, nigro; pinnarum
apicibus hyalescentibus.

It is said that this fish does not grow larger than the individual
sent, (10 inches in length). It is intermediate in characters between
Centrina, Cuv., and Acanthias, Ej. ; having the teeth of the
former genus, and the form of body of the latter, as well as the back-
ward position of the second dorsal fin. It is entirely black, even on
its under surface.