Acondylacanthus attenuatus

Davis, 1883

Classification: Elasmobranchii incert. sedis incert. fam.

Acondylacanthus attenuatus


Citation: Acondylacanthus attenuatus Davis, 1883: In: Database of fossil elasmobranch teeth, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 10/2021

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valid after Woodward (1891) p. 107 [4091];

Woodward, A.S. (1891)
Catalogue of the fossil fishes in the British Museum (Natural History). Part II. containing the Elasmobranchii (Acanthodii). Holocephali, Ichthyodorulites, Ostracodermi, Dipnoi, and Teleostomi (Crossopterygii and chondrostean Actinopterygii). XLIV + 567 pp.(Taylor & Francis), London.