Archaeotriakis rochelleae

Case, 1978

Classification: Elasmobranchii Carcharhiniformes Triakidae

Reference of the original description
Case, G.R. (1978)
A new selachian fauna from the Judith River Formation (Campanian) of Montana. Palaeontographica, Abt. A, 160(1–6), 176–205

Archaeotriakis rochelleae
Holotype: USTL: MTA-20; USTL: MTA 20; Paratype: USTL: MTA-21; USTL: MTA 21; USTL: MTA 21a; USTL: MTA 21b; USTL: MTA 21c;


Citation: Archaeotriakis rochelleae Case, 1978: In: Database of fossil elasmobranch teeth, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 02/2024

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Archaeotriakis rochelleae Case, 1978; Holotype, (MTA 20), x 36 (SEM), upper lateral tooth © G. Case

Distribution Geographic
Blaine County, Montana [388], north-central Wyoming [393]

Distribution Strategraphy
Judith River Formation (Campanian) [388], Late Campanian, Mesaverde Formation [393]

Original diagnose after Case (1978) p. 191 [388]: Pseudotriakiid teeth, minute in size, less than V2 of a millimeter in height, robust in structure, short platform (root base), not inclined upward as in typical scyliorhinids, with two truncated and bifucated lateral denticles, highly ornamented on the labial aspect, with grotesque ridges and ridgelets on either ride of the central cusp.

shark-references Species-ID=387;
type species of Archaeotriakis Case (1978) p. 191 [388] by original designation (Art. 68.2 ICZN);

valid after Case (1978) p. 191 [388]; Hoganson et al. (2019) p. 30 [27441];

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Case, G.R. (1978)
A new selachian fauna from the Judith River Formation (Campanian) of Montana. Palaeontographica, Abt. A, 160(1–6), 176–205