Bathyraja diplotaenia

(ISHIYAMA, 1952)

Dusky-pink skate
Classification: Elasmobranchii Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae

Reference of the original description
ISHIYAMA, R. (1952)
Studies on the rays and skates belonging to the family Rajidae, found in Japan and adjacent regions. 4. A revision of three genera of Japanese rajids with descriptions of one new genus and four new species mostly occured in northern Japan. Journal of the Shimonoseki College of Fisheries, 2 (2): 1–34, Pls. 1–4.

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Synonyms / new combinations and misspellings
Bathyraja diplotaena, Breviraja diplotaenia, Breviraja (Bathyraja) diplotaenia, Raja diplotaenia, Rhinoraja diplotaenia

Description :

Citation: Bathyraja diplotaenia (ISHIYAMA, 1952): In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras,, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 04/2021

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Common names
eng Dusky-pink skate

Northwest Pacific: off northern Japan. Source:

Oviparous, paired eggs are laid. Embryos feed solely on yolk [733]. Distinct pairing with embrace. Young may tend to follow large objects, such as their mother [17086].

demersal; marine; depth range 400 - 800 m

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