Bathyraja hesperafricana


West African skate
Classification: Elasmobranchii Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae

Reference of the original description
STEHMANN, M. (1995)
First and new records of skates (Chondrichthyes, Rajiformes, Rajidae) from the West African continental slope (Morocco to South Africa), with descriptions of two new species. Archive of Fishery and Marine Research, 43 (1): 1–119

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Synonyms / new combinations and misspellings
Bathyraja aff. hesperafricana

Bathyraja hesperafricana
Holotype: ZMH: 24932 (old: ISH 26-1980); Paratype: RMNH: 29377; RMNH: 29378; ZIN: 48404; ZIN: 48402;

Description :

Citation: Bathyraja hesperafricana STEHMANN, 1995: In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras,, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 03/2021

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Common names
eng West African skate

Eastern Central Atlantic: Mauritania to Gabon.

Oviparous, paired eggs are laid. Embryos feed solely on yolk [733]. Eggs have horn-like projections on the shell [17086].

Size / Weight / Age
342 cm TL (male/unsexed; [5130])

bathydemersal; marine; depth range 750 - 2000 m [5130]

shark-references Species-ID=511;