Bathyraja tunae


Classification: Elasmobranchii Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae

Reference of the original description
STEHMANN, M. (2005)
Bathyraja tunae n. sp., a new deep-water skate from the Western Indian Ocean (Chondrichthyes, Rajiformes, Rajidae). Journal of Ichthyology, 45 (Supplement 1): 23–38

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Bathyraja tunae
Holotype: ZMH: 9545; Paratype: ZMH: 9546;

Description :

Citation: Bathyraja tunae STEHMANN, 2005: In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras,, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 03/2021

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Short Description
This species is characterized by the following: moderately extended snout and mouth; wide interorbital space; broad space between the first gill slits; tail length shorter than body length; almost completely prickly upper but smooth lower surfaces, no thorns on disc, but only a median row of 19 thorns along tail to D1; nearly confluent dorsal fins without thorn between them; > 30 upper tooth rows; 40-44 trunk vertebrae; dorsal edge of scapulocoracoid strongly sloping to metacondyle; high number of postventral foramina, markedly short and broadly drop-shaped anterior cranial fontanelle (Ref. 75588).

Western Indian Ocean.

Size / Weight / Age
100 cm TL (female)

demersal; marine; depth range 1700 - 2240 m (Ref. 75588)

shark-references Species-ID=557;