Carcharhinus humani

White & Weigmann, 2014

Human’s Whaler Shark
Classification: Elasmobranchii Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae

Reference of the original description
White, W.T. & Weigmann, S. (2014)
Carcharhinus humani sp. nov., a new whaler shark (Carcharhiniformes:Carcharhinidae) from the western Indian Ocean. Zootaxa, 3821(1), 71–87

Carcharhinus humani
Holotype: ZMH: 26030; Paratype: ANSP: 25838; ANSP: 55298; CSIRO: H 6891-01; ZMH: 26031;

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Description :

Citation: Carcharhinus humani White & Weigmann, 2014: In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras,, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 07/2024

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Carcharhinus humani White & Weigmann, 2014, ERB 1167, male, 60, 0 cm TL, Kenya © Frederik H. Mollen (Elasmobranch Research Belgium)
Common names
Human’s Whaler Shark

Short Description
Orignal description of WHITE & WEIGMANN, 2014 [21012]: "A small species of Carcharhinus with: a moderately long and narrowly rounded snout; interdorsal space with a weak ridge usually present on midline, 20.4–22.0% TL; first dorsal fin moderately tall and slightly falcate, origin just anterior to pectoral-fin free rear tip, length 13.4–14.6% TL, 1.3–1.5 times height, inner margin 1.7–2.3 times in base; second dorsal fin broadly triangular, height 39–48% of first dorsal-fin height, origin about opposite to anal-fin origin; anal fin falcate, height 0.8–1.0 times second dorsal height, base 0.9–1.2 times second dorsal-fin base; colour pale brownish to grey dorsally, whitish ventrally; second dorsal fin with a black blotch on upper one to two thirds of fin, not extending onto upper surface of body and strongly demarcated from ground colour; most other fins with whitish outer margins; total vertebral counts 153–160 in the four type specimens (152–167 in Bass et al., 1973); precaudal counts 75–79 (74–85 in Bass et al., 1973); monospondylous precaudal counts 45–48; diplospondylous precaudal counts 27–32; diplospondylous caudal counts 78–81"

western Indian Ocean near the Socotra Islands, off Kuwait, Mozambique, and South Africa [21012]

Size / Weight / Age
364–828 mm TL (types) [21012]

marine; depth range -43 m [21012]

Orignal description of WHITE & WEIGMANN, 2014 [21012]: "upper anterior teeth oblique and blade-like, coarsely serrated, lateral margin deeply notched and with several large, smooth basal cusplets; lower anterior teeth narrower, slightly oblique, lateral margins notched and usually several smooth basal cusplets; total tooth row counts 24–26/22–25, or 46–50"

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