Chimaera carophila


Brown chimaera
Classification: Holocephali Chimaeriformes Chimaeridae

Reference of the original description
KEMPER, J.M. & EBERT, D.A. & NAYLOR, G.J.P. & DIDIER, D.A. (2015)
Chimaera carophila (Chondrichthyes: Chimaeriformes: Chimaeridae), a new species of chimaera from New Zealand. Bulletin of Marine Science, 91 (1): 63–81

Image of the original description

Chimaera carophila KEMPER, EBERT, NAYLOR, G.J.P. & DIDIER, 2014; Holotype P.45580, adult male, 915 mm TL, 541 mm BDL; © David Ebert

Chimaera carophila
Holotype: NMNZ: P.45580; Paratype: NMNZ: P.20348; NMNZ: P.39967; NMNZ: P.26933; NMNZ: P.25935; NMNZ: P.16025; NMNZ: P.14558; NMNZ: P.40272;

Description :

Citation: Chimaera carophila KEMPER, EBERT, NAYLOR & DIDIER, 2015: In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras,, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 01/2021

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Common names
Brown chimaera

Short Description
Orignal diagnosis of KEMPER, J.M. & EBERT, D.A. & NAYLOR, G.J.P. & DIDIER, D.A. [21769]: A species assigned to the genus Chimaera based on the presence of a short, blunt snout and an anal fin separate from the ventral caudal margin by a notch. Chimaera carophila sp. nov. is a medium-bodied species with a gently rounded snout, a large eye, oral and preopercular lateral line canals usually share a short common branch off of the infraorbital canal, a relatively short first dorsal fin and spine, second dorsal fin even along height, long caudal dorsal and ventral margins, short, trifurcate pelvic claspers, divided distally for approximately one-third of their length, and a uniform pale-brown body color, mouth and ventral snout darker with brownish-pur¬ple fins and highly deciduous skin. Chimaera carophila can be distinguished from its closest congeners, Chimaera fulva Didier et al. 2008, Chimaera macrospina Didier et al. 2008, and Chimaera obscura Didier et al. 2008, by a combination of morphologi¬cal characters (longer caudal dorsal margin, shorter pelvic claspers, shorter dorsal fin spine, shorter first dorsal fin, and longer caudal ventral margin) and coloration.

Deep-water slopes and plateaus around New Zealand [21769]

Size / Weight / Age
max: 1035 mm TL, 599 mm BDL [21769]

marine; depth range 846–1350 m [21769]

shark-references Species-ID=14191;