Fontitrygon ukpam

(Smith, 1863)

Thorny freshwater stingray
Classification: Elasmobranchii Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae

Reference of the original description
Smith, J.A. (1863)
Notice of the Ukpam, a large species (probably new) of sting ray (Trygon, Cuv.), found in the Old Calabar River, Africa. Proceedings of the Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh, 2(1859), 64–69

Synonyms / new combinations and misspellings
Dasyatis ukpam, Hemitrygon ukpam, Trygon ukpam, Urogymnus ukpam

Fontitrygon ukpam

Urogymnus ukpam
Syntype: BMNH: 1874.5.23.1 NMSZ: ?

Description :

Citation: Fontitrygon ukpam (Smith, 1863): In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras,, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 07/2024

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Common names
eng Pincushion ray, eng Thorny freshwater stingray

Short Description
A very large and thick-bodied freshwater dasyatid. Disc oval, very thick, medial lobe narrow-based and short, its anterior margin broadly convex; entire dorsal surface of disc covered with stout-spined denticles (smooth in newborn); sting greatly reduced in size or absent; total pectoral radials 142-148 [546]. Total tooth rows 38-40/38-48 (Ref. 7397). Disc and pelvic fins dark brown or gray-brown above, without spots or prominent markings, white below except for broad dark margins; tail blackish except for underside of its base [546].

Africa: Nigeria, Gabon and Congo. Source:

Exhibit ovoviparity (aplacental viviparity), with embryos feeding initially on yolk, then receiving additional nourishment from the mother by indirect absorption of uterine fluid enriched with mucus, fat or protein through specialised structures [733]. Distinct pairing with embrace [17086].

Size / Weight / Age
65.0 cm TL (male/unsexed; [20239])

demersal; freshwater

shark-references Species-ID=14648;