Heliotrygon rosai

Carvalho & Lovejoy, 2011

Classification: Elasmobranchii Myliobatiformes Potamotrygonidae

Reference of the original description
de Carvalho, M.R. & Lovejoy, N.R. (2011)
Morphology and phylogenetic relationships of a remarkable new genus and two new species of Neotropical freshwater stingrays from the Amazon basin (Chondrichthyes: Potamotrygonidae). Zootaxa, 2776, 13–48

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Heliotrygon rosai
Holotype: MZUSP: 104996; Paratype: AMNH: 251885; MZUSP: 108200; MZUSP: 108201; MZUSP: 108202;

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Citation: Heliotrygon rosai Carvalho & Lovejoy, 2011: In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras, www.shark-references.com, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 05/2024

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Heliotrygon rosai De Carvalho & Lovejoy, 2011; Holotype, MZUSP 104996, male, 575 mm DW © de Lima et al. 2023
Common names
Rosa’s round ray

Short Description
A species of Heliotrygon diagnosed by its unique dorsal color pattern, composed of numerous white to creamy-white vermiculate markings over a light brown, tan or gray background color. Heliotrygon rosai is tentatively further separated from H. gomesi by presenting a slightly more slender tail width at base (5.5% DW in holotype of H. rosai vs. 4.5% DW in holotype of H. gomesi), slightly greater preorbital snout length (31% DW in holotype of H. rosai vs. 33.2% DW in holotype of H. gomesi), and smaller pectoral axil to pelvic inner length (4.6% DW in holotype of H. rosai, ranging from 1.3 to 4.9% DW in all specimens, with a mean of 3.7% DW vs. 2.1% DW in holotype of H. gomesi, and ranging from 1.0 to 3.3% DW in all specimens, with a mean of 1.9% DW) (Ref. 86515).

South America: Brazil. Known from the upper, mid and lower Rio Amazonas basin, and probably also enters the lower reaches of its major tributaries. As with H. gomesi, its distribution is similar to that of Plesiotrygon iwamae (Rosa et al., 1987; Carvalho et al., 2003) (Ref. 86515).

Tropical; 0°S - 1°S, 48°W - 49°W

Size / Weight / Age
Max length : 80.0 cm WD male/unsexed; (Ref. 86515)

Benthopelagic; freshwater

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