Platyrhina psomadakisi

White & Last, 2016

Andaman Fanray
Classification: Elasmobranchii Rhinopristiformes Platyrhinidae

Reference of the original description
White, W.T. & Last, P.R. (2016)
Platyrhina psomadakisi sp. nov., a new species of fanray (Batoidea: Platyrhinidae) from the Andaman Sea, the first record of this family in the Indian Ocean. Zootaxa, 4121(5), 533–544

Platyrhina psomadakisi
Holotype: CSIRO: H 7861-01; Paratype: CSIRO: H 7859-01; CSIRO: H 7860-01; DoF: specimen 604;

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Description :

Citation: Platyrhina psomadakisi White & Last, 2016: In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras,, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 02/2024

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Holotype of Platyrhina psomadakisi sp. nov. (CSIRO H 7861-01, adult male 378 mm TL, preserved); © White & Last, 2016
Common names
Andaman Fanray

Short Description
Original diagnosis after WHITE & LAST, 2016 [24213]: A medium-sized fanray with the following combination of characters: a single row of hooked thorns on dorsal midline body and tail (extending from nape to first dorsal fin); thorns on orbital, nape and scapular regions not encircled by pale pigment; dorsal surface of adults with patches of prickly denticles (rough to touch); dorsal fins well separated, interdorsal distance 8.5–9.1% TL; greyish brown dorsally with a series of darker brown saddles on tail.

off Myanmar in the Andaman Sea at depths of 58–158 m (types) [24213]

Size / Weight / Age
types: an adult male (378 mm TL), a juvenile male (197 mm TL) and two females (341 and 245 mm TL). [24213]

demersal; marine; depth range 58-158 (types) [24213]

Teeth very small, rhomboidal, quincuncial; crowns pointed in adult male holotype, blunt in female and juvenile paratypes; ca. 71 rows in upper jaw in holotype; upper and lower jaw teeth similar in shape and size. [24213]

shark-references Species-ID=14590;