Rhynchobatus immaculatus

Last, Ho & Chen, 2013

Taiwanese Wedgefish
Classification: Elasmobranchii Rhinopristiformes Rhinidae

Reference of the original description
Last, P.R. & Ho, H.-C. & Chen, R.-R. (2013)
A new species of wedgefish, Rhynchobatus immaculatus (Chondrichthyes, Rhynchobatidae), from Taiwan. Zootaxa, 3752, 185–198

Rhynchobatus immaculatus
Holotype: NMMB: P16274; Paratype: CSIRO: H 7418–01; NMMB: P16135; NMMB: P16275;

Description :

Citation: Rhynchobatus immaculatus Last, Ho & Chen, 2013: In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras, www.shark-references.com, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 04/2024

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Common names
eng Taiwanese Wedgefish

Short Description
Original diagnose after LAST, HO & CHEN, 2013 [20019]: A medium-sized species of the genus Rhynchobatus with the following combination of characters: a broad, wedge-shaped snout; preoral snout 19–21% TL; eye small, length 4.1–4.5 in preorbital snout; interorbital space 2.6–2.9 in preorbital snout; tooth rows about 48; spines absent from snout; supraorbital spines small, well differentiated, extending from preorbit to beyond end of spiracle; predorsal spines relatively well developed; two disjunct rows of 6–9 small scapular spines on each side of disc; predorsal space 48–49% of total length; origin of first dorsal fin well behind origin of pelvic-fin bases; dark greenish brown dorsally with a few white spots scattered on pectoral disc; black pectoral marking absent; prominent row of white spots commencing just forward of a single white spot (above pelvic-fin origin) and coalescing posteriorly to form a white mid-lateral line on tail; orbital membrane white with dark bar over eye; no alternating light and dark markings on interorbital space; total pectoral-fin radials 65–68; vertebrae with 28–30 monospondylous precaudal centra, 124–131 precaudal free centra, 38–42 diplospondylous caudal (free) centra, 165–170 total free centra, 179–184 total centra (including synarcual centra).

from seas adjacent Taiwan [20019];

Size / Weight / Age
Reaches at least 99 cm TL (non-type NMMB–P15684), but this specimen and all five other males examined (41–89 cm TL) were immature, max. length ca. 150 cm [20019];

marine [20016];

Teeth in quincunx, about 48 rows in both upper and lower jaws of paratype CSIRO H 7418–01 [20019];

shark-references Species-ID=13815; CITES: (see: Protected Species for more details) Convention on International Trade in Endangered Speciesof Wild Fauna and Flora annex: II; Council Regulation 2017/160 annex: B