Squalus balsvikensis

Siverson, 1993

Classification: Elasmobranchii Squaliformes Squalidae

Reference of the original description
Siversson, M. (1993)
Maastrichtian Squaloid Sharks from Southern Sweden. Palaeontology, 36(1), 1–19

Squalus balsvikensis
Holotype: LO: 5065; Paratype: LO: 5066;


Citation: Squalus balsvikensis Siverson, 1993: In: Database of fossil elasmobranch teeth www.shark-references.com, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 07/2024

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Original diagnose after Siverson (1993) p. 6-7 [2213]: Uvula very small and symmetrical in teeth from very young individuals; mesially twisted in teeth larger than about 1.1 mm. Axial foramina separated in teeth of very young individuals, otherwise fused into oblique infundibulum. Apron long and narrow with parallel edges in juveniles and mature males; relatively broad and short in large females. Basal face of root concave in profile. Mesial expansion of basal edge of root well developed but mostly not reaching apex of apron. Distal part of basal edge of root markedly bilobate.

shark-references Species-ID=6709;
valid after Siverson (1993) p. 6 [2213]; Pollerspöck et al. (2021) p. 4 [30268];

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Siversson, M. (1993)
Maastrichtian Squaloid Sharks from Southern Sweden. Palaeontology, 36(1), 1–19