Urotrygon cimar


Classification: Elasmobranchii Myliobatiformes Urotrygonidae

Reference of the original description
LÓPEZ, M.I. & BUSSING, W.A. (1998)
Urotrygon cimar, a new eastern Pacific stingray (Pisces: Urolophidae). Revista de Biología Tropical, 46 (Supplement 6): 271–277

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Description :

Citation: Urotrygon cimar LÓPEZ & BUSSING, 1998: In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras, www.shark-references.com, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 07/2019

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Short Description
Large species of Urotrygon with a round disc; tail short. Dorsal surface of disc and tail yellow-brown or tan irregularly spotted with brown or black blotches; ventral surface of disc white with lateral margins of disc and posterior border of pelvic fins tan in juveniles, dark brown or gray in adults. Small pungent denticles densely cover dorsal surface of disc and tail; denticles only slightly enlarged near midline. Pupillary operculum a small triangle, apex not reaching ventral margin of pupil.

Eastern Central Pacific: between Corinto, Nicaragua and Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica. First record: 2013: Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico (101 species, sizes ranged from 102-282 mm TL, depths between 17 and 62 m) [17962];

Size / Weight / Age
38.2 cm TL (male/unsexed; (Ref. 40883))

demersal; marine; depth range 0 - 85 m (Ref. 40883), usually ? - 10 m

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