Raja herwigi Krefft, 1965 ZMH 25257 (old: ISH 240-1964) Holotype
sex: male
length: 421 mm
date vessel station: 21. 03. 1964, WH I (3), 98/64
location: Southeast of Boavista Island, shelf, Cape Verde Islands, EC Atlantic
latitude: 15°59'N
longitude: 22°41'W
FAO-area: 34.3.2
depth: 50-70 m
specimens: 1
remarks: Ref.: THIEL, R. & EIDUS, I. & NEUMANN, R. (2009): The Zoological Museum Hamburg (ZMH) fish collection as a global biodiversity archive for elasmobranchs and actinopterygians as well as other fish taxa. Journal of Applied Ichthyology, 25 (S1): 9-32