Squalus megalops

(Macleay, 1881)

Shortnose spurdog
Classification: Elasmobranchii Squaliformes Squalidae

Reference of the original description
Macleay, W. (1881)
A descriptive catalogue of the fishes of Australia. Part IV. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, ser. 1, 6, 202–387

Image of the original description
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Synonyms / new combinations and misspellings
Acanthias megalops, Flakeus megalops, Squalus acutipinna, Squalus cf. megalops

Squalus megalops
Holotype: AMS: I.16255-001 (old: MAMU F24);

Description :

Citation: Squalus megalops (Macleay, 1881): In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras, www.shark-references.com, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 04/2024

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Lateral view of: A. Squalus megalops from Victoria (CSIRO H 3762–01, female 511 mm TL); B. S. megalops from Queensland (CSIRO H 1310–03, adult male 342 mm TL); C. Squalus megalops holotype (AMS I 16255–001, female 565 mm TL); In: Last, P.R. & EDMUNDS, M. & Yearsley, G.K. 2007 Part 2 - Squalus crassispinus sp nov, a new spurdog of the megalops-cubensis group from the eastern Indian Ocean. CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Paper, 14: 11-22
Common names
spa Galludo, spa Galludo chato, spa Galludo ñato, spa Pinchudo, fra \(T\) Aiguillat nez court, fra \(T\) Requin aiguillat, fra \(T\) Requin trois piquants, eng Bluntnose spiny dogfish, eng Dogfish, eng Dogshark, eng Greeneye, eng Piked dogfish, eng Piked spurdog, eng Shortnose spiny dogfish, eng Shortnose spurdog, eng Skittle dog, eng Skittle dogfish, eng Spiked dogfish, eng Spikey, eng Spikey dog, eng Spikey dogfish, eng Spiny dogfish, eng Spiny dogshark, eng Spurdog, eng Tasmanian dogfish, por Cacao-bagre, por Galhudo-de-focinho-curto, por Quelme liso

Short Description
A small dogfish with a short, angular snout and a small mouth almost as wide as the snout is long; body without spots; 1st dorsal fin spine over pectoral fins [536]. Bronze-grey above, white below; dorsal fins with black tips and white edges but markings inconspicuous in adults [536].

Eastern Indian Ocean: appears to be an Australian endemic. Dogfishes presently referred to in current literature as Squalus megalops appear to belong to a complex of similar species. Specimens from the different regions still need to be compared carefully [1388]. Source: www.gbif.org

Human uses
fisheries: commercial; gamefish: yes

Ovoviviparous, with 2 to 4 young in a litter. Gestation period is about two years. Size at birth 20-24 cm TL [1388]. Found on the continental shelf and slope (Ref. 75154).

Size / Weight / Age
71.0 cm TL (male/unsexed; [544])

bathydemersal; marine; depth range 30 - 750 m [17736], usually 80 - 300 m [19579]

shark-references Species-ID=6791;

Parasites (arranged by Jürgen Pollerspöck)
  • Aega angustata Whitelegge, 1901 [16094]
  • Aega webbii (Guerin, 1836) [16094]
  • Aegapheles deshaysiana (Milne Edwards, 1840) [16094]