Styracura schmardae

(Werner, 1904)

Chupare stingray
Classification: Elasmobranchii Myliobatiformes Potamotrygonidae

Reference of the original description
Werner, F. (1904)
Die Fische der zoologisch-verleichend-anatomischen Sammlung der Wiener Universität. I. Teil. Zoologische Jahrbücher, Abteilung für Systematik, Geographie und Biologie der Tiere, 21(3), 263–302

Synonyms / new combinations and misspellings
Dasyatis schmardae, Dasybatus schmardae, Himantura cf. schmardae, Himantura schmardae, Himantura schmarde, Styracura cf. schmardae, Trygon schmardae

Styracura schmardae

Himantura schmardae
Holotype: BMNH: 1904.4.30.12

Description :

Citation: Styracura schmardae (Werner, 1904): In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras,, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 08/2022

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Styracura schmardae (Werner, 1904), Bahamas © Owen R. O’Shea, Shark Research and Conservation Program, The Cape Eleuthera Institute, The Bahamas
Common names
spa Chupare, spa Lebisa, spa Raya, spa Raya coluda caribeña, spa Raya raspadera, spa Sabina, fra \(T\) Pastenague chupare, eng Caribbean whiptail stingray, eng Chupare Stingray, eng Stingray

Short Description
Disc ovate, broadly rounded. Tails with blunt tubercles. Upper surface dark brown, sooty olive. Edges of disc darker. Lower surface of disc and pelvic fins yellowish or cream white. Teeth little darker than lower surface [199].

Western Central Atlantic: Gulf of Campeche and the West Indies to Suriname (Ref. 3168); including Brazil (Ref. 53430). Validity of this species questioned in Compagno"quot;s 1999 checklist [529]. Source:

Human uses
fisheries: minor commercial; price category: low; price reliability: very questionable: based on ex-vessel price for species in this family

Exhibit ovoviparity (aplacental viviparity), with embryos feeding initially on yolk, then receiving additional nourishment from the mother by indirect absorption of uterine fluid enriched with mucus, fat or protein through specialised structures [733]. Distinct pairing with embrace [17086]. Distinct pairing with embrace [17086].

Size / Weight / Age
200 cm WD (male/unsexed; (Ref. 5217))

demersal; marine

shark-references Species-ID=14707;

Parasites (arranged by Jürgen Pollerspöck)
  • Echinocephalus diazi Troncy, 1969 [16913]